100-4MS - G1/2'' 2-Way Ball Valve Full Bore F/F - Drinking Water - Anti-legionella

JP Fluid Control



2-Way ball valve with G1/2 inch threads (F/F) and lever for open/close control. 15mm nominal diameter and max pressure 25 bar. Water valve with anti-legionella & anti-freeze design. Temperature range from -10 to 90°C. Brass hard chromed ball and PTFE valve seat.

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2-Way ball valve of brass from JP Fluid Control with G1/2 inch pipe threads (BSPP) and a full bore (15 mm). The 100-4MS series is designed for use in drinking water applications and has a anti legionella design. An extra hole in the ball connects the entrapped space around the ball. This significantly reduces the risk of the growth of bacteria due to stagnant water. The valve has a pvc coated lever for manual control. The ball valves in the 100-4MS-series of JP Fluid Control are characterized by long life.

Technical Specifications

Series 100-4MS
Function 2-way
Ports G1/2" BSP (F/F)
Housing Brass (CW 617N)
Ball Hard chrome plated brass
Seat ring PTFE (teflon)
Nominal Diameter 15 mm (full bore)
Kv value 20 m3/h
Operation Lever (pvc coated)
Max pressure 25 bar
Temperature -10°C .. 90°C
Certification Drinking water (WRAS)


The valve has female thread on both sides (1/2 inch). This BSPP (British Standard Pipe Parallel). With our range of 1/2" fittings, the valve can be installed in any pipe (recommended pipe diameter ± 10 - 16 mm).


This ball valve can be manually operated by a lever. By rotating 90 degrees, the valve is open or closed. If the lever is perpendicular to the pipe, the valve is closed. This valve is not suitable for electrical or pneumatical control. For this purpose, valves with ISO-Top flange (ISO 5211) are recommended.


The ball valve is part of the 100-4MS series and is designed for drinking water applications. The valve design prevents the stagnation of water in the hollow spaces around the ball. As a result, the risk of growth of bacteria such as Legionella is greatly reduced. Moreover, the construction reduces the risk of frost damage during winter. The housing of the valve is made of brass, the ball is made of hard chromed brass and the valve seats are made of PTFE. The valve is suitable for various media, such as water, oil or air up to a maximum of 25 bar. For corrosive or aggressive media, a valve made of plastic or stainless steel is better suited. The valve can be used up to a max pressure of 25 bar and a temperature between -10 and 90 °C.

pressure-temperature diagram

Maximum pressure versus temperature - 100-4MS-series.


Function 2 way
Port 1/2 inch
Max pres (bar) 25
Kv (m3/h) 20
Orifice (mm) 15
Housing Brass
Max temp (°C) 90
Series 100-4MS

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