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Fluid control made easy

Tameson makes fluid control solutions so simple, that your little nephew could handle them. We have two main ingredients for this. First, we make specialist knowledge and advice easily accessible. We do this through our webshop and our team of specialists that will answer all questions. No hidden phone numbers, no guessing for the right size. Second, we make getting the right product dead-simple. This means easy search & find through our webshop, quality products with all data there, transparent pricing, rapid delivery and a no-nonsense process for returning.

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Our history

“Piece of cake”, is what Paul and Jan-Willem often told friends when something had to be fixed. Ever since their student times, it fell to their surprise how relative simple technical challenges often take a lot of time and money to get resolved. Often because the information is lacking to dissect the issue at hand, sometimes because the right products are hard to find, other times because money is being made by people benefitting from keeping challenges complex. Because the majority of challenges are easy to resolve, Paul and Jan-Willem wanted to make available the knowledge and products that enable people to take matters in their own hands. Without losing lots of money to specialists who’s nearest availability is in three weeks from now, but by getting things done yourself for a fraction of the costs. As in learning how to fish instead of handing a meal.

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Who we are / Team

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We like to turn things upside-down. Tameson doesn’t waste time on conventions that don’t matter, but looks ahead in a way that puts value creation at the center. That’s why you won’t find negotiable discounts at Tameson, but a transparent offer that makes you know what you can expect and saves your time. No murky manuals, but concrete explanations on how to tackle challenges. We tell each other what we think, without being offended or beating around the bush. We enjoy working together, and don’t take ourselves too serious. We hire for character, rather than skill. 

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Working fields

Platform & technology (IT)

Out platform is our backbone, and IT makes sure it functions flawlessly. We continually improve with concrete goals in mind, one thing at a time. Who we don’t want here: someone that make choices leading to dirty coding and technical debt. Who we want: people fistbumping each other when customers can find their product 20% faster by what they have created.


Are products stuck at customs again? Has the courier dropped by to pick up the shipments? Are all colleagues up to date with all the latest changes to the process? These are all questions that surface from time to time. Procurement, sales, shipping, returning, the operational part is handled by our operations team. Who we don’t want here: someone accepting 5% of shipments are sent too late. Who we want: someone that isn’t afraid of calling a vendor in China and frequently checks customer reviews to see what can be done better.


Guiding customers, making things easy for them and receiving compliments. Roles can differ, and will also depend on personality traits. A more introverted person might prefer adding new products with all knowledge to the platform, while a more extraverted person might enjoy making videos for replacing a solenoid valve in a heating system, or have direct contact with a customer over the phone, mail or chat. There is an abundance of possibilities here! Who we don’t want here: somebody who wants to spend a maximum of 5 minutes on a customer question. Who we want: someone that can explain in a simple way how a valve works, and feels happy when helping others.


Marketeers make sure that everybody knows that Tameson makes fluid control easy, and will help you resolve your challenges. Predominantly online, but all options are on the table. We measure throuroughly and look for scalable solutions. Who we don’t want here: someone that doesn’t know what a/b testing is. Who we want: people that first consider how they will measure success and systematically try their options.

Students & graduates

Young people at Tameson are valuable. We need new ideas and talent to execute on those ideas, which is why we offer side-jobs and internship for each discipline. We only work with a student if we believe we would want to hire him/her after graduation. Our promise is that we will only onboard a student if we can take care of proper mentorship and if we can offer a proper position/assignment. At Tameson students are treated as part of the team, not as Chief Coffee Fetcher. We tailor internships to the person, so even if no direct matching oppertunity is posted, we encourage students to reach out. Who we don’t want here: Someone saying “I need an internship because school tells me to” Who we want: Someone saying “I want to become good at X, and I’d love to learn that at Tameson”.


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