Stories by our customers

The products from Tameson are used in a wide variety of applications by an even wider variety of customers. Our customers range from large OEM's, individual plumbers, and even small startups. Some of our products, such as solenoid valves, are used in countless applications. Read the stories of our customers and learn how they use our products and service to grow their businesses.


Throughout the Netherlands, sells coin-operated machines, coin lockers, and PayMatic solutions via a webshop. After inserting a coin, the Tameson solenoid valves ensure that the device in question works. Hicham Ben Youssef, the owner of, explains how the cooperation came about and what function the valves have in the machines.



Mach-C, an internationally operating machine builder from Lichtenvoorde specializing in egg washing machines and industrial washing machines for crates and trays, uses solenoid valves and electric ball valves from JP Fluid Control. Chris Pondes is the owner of Mach-C. He talks about his conscious choice for the quality of Tameson.

Bliss Mobil

Bliss Mobil

Since 2012, Bliss Mobil from Breda has been making expedition vehicles that are used by their customers to travel off-road and in harsh conditions. See it as the superlative of motorhomes. Pieter van de Wouw, product developer at Bliss Mobil, talks about the company's special cars and the valves that Tameson supplies for this.

Biostream international

Biostream International

At Biostream International in Doetinchem, our valves are used in equipment for the food industry, biobased industry (biofuels, bioplastics) and the pharmaceutical industry. CEO Marc Buevink talks about the specialized hardware for fermentation and cell culture that his company is developing and about the role that the solenoid valves of JP Fluid Control play.

Kaak Group develops industrial bakery lines. The JP Fluid Control solenoid valves are used for cutting dough with high pressure water.

Kaak Group

The food industry sets very high demands on machines and their components for performance and safety. Therefore, this applies to the Kaak Group, a manufacturer of customized machines that produces bread and pastries. Engineer Pieter van Zutphen explains how he and Tameson have developed the perfect solenoid valves for them by experimenting with the valves of the JP Fluid Control brand.

CarwashworkX product


As the name implies, the company specializes in truck and car wash installations. Customers can go there for complete new systems as well as for the maintenance and repair of existing installations. Owner Wim Fiechter explains how, together with Tameson, he found the most suitable valves for the car wash installations he develops and maintains. This collaboration has been going on for years and even originated long before Tameson was founded.



Indufinish is a manufacturer, supplier and service company of powder coating, KTL and galvanizing systems. The complete coating lines are supplied throughout Europe. Iwan van der Lans, sales manager at Indufinish, explains why the company chose valves from Tameson in their installations and what they are used for.

Tankcleaning Venlo application

Tankcleaning Venlo

Truck tanks in which food or chemicals have been transported must be thoroughly cleaned before they can be used again. Piet Moors designs the installations for this purpose, installs them, adapts the control cabinets and resolves malfunctions. As a service engineer at Tankcleaning Venlo, he explains why JP Fluid Control's electric ball valves are suitable for these installations.

Biolectric application


Pocket digesters are produced in Temse, Belgium, which are sold all over the world. Livestock farmers can use this to convert surplus manure into energy. After fermentation, the used manure can still be used for fertilizing the land. Why does Biolectric use the stainless steel semi-direct-operated solenoid valves from JP Fluid Control for their installations? Stef van de Vyver, R&D Engineer at Biolectric, explains.

De Vlijt Brewery application

De Vlijt Brewery

De Vlijt Brewery is located on the Vlijtseweg in Apeldoorn. The specialty beers of Veluwse Schavuyt are brewed here. JP Fluid Control solenoid valves ensure that the brewing process is extremely accurate and the beer tastes just right. Beer brewer Patrick Leenders tells more about it.

De Vlijt Brewery application

Aqua Still

From Sittard, AQUA | STILL provides the world with solutions in the field of water purification via membrane distillation. JP Fluid Control solenoid valves contribute to this precisely controllable process. Paul and Niels from AQUA | STILL, responsible for project management and R&D, explain how the collaboration came about and what exactly the valves do in the machines.