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G4'' Brass Gate Valve EPDM 20 bar - GL2BM

£280.71 incl vat
G4'' Messing Schuifafsluiter EPDM 20 bar - GL2BM
G4'' Messing Schuifafsluiter EPDM 20 bar - GL2BM
G4'' Messing Schuifafsluiter EPDM 20 bar - GL2BM
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G4'' Messing Schuifafsluiter EPDM 20 bar - GL2BM
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G4'' Brass Gate Valve EPDM 20 bar - GL2BM


This G4" brass gate valve, often called a shut-off valve, is suitable for water or other neutral liquid media from 0-20bar and temperatures between 1°C and 80°C. Orifice 91 mm. By simply turning the steel hand wheel, you can allow 100% of the flow or completely shut it off. Maintenance free and very reliable.

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£280.71 incl vat
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This manual gate valve offers a reliable solution to control the on/off operation of the flow. The brass body and EPDM seal makes this shut-off valve durable and ready for a long-service life. This G4" gate valve is suitable for temperatures between 1-80°C with a pressure range of 0-20 bar. It is simply used by turning the (non-rising) hand wheel to lift the wedge (also called disc or sleeve). When the wedge is lifted, a straight flow path is created with no obstruction. This leads to a very low pressure drop and it offers the possibility to clean the pipe with a pigging system. Another advantage of this gate valve is the very short construction length of 98mm. The total height is 235mm, and the steel hand wheel has a diameter of 120mm to easily generate the needed lifting/closing torque. Gate valves are also known as sluice valves and they're often used as a shut-off valve. Generally, they are either left open or closed for an extended period of time rather than throttling flow. It can handle water or other neutral liquid media.


  • Manually operated with durable steel hand wheel.
  • Suitable for a wide range of media including viscous media (typically up to 600 cSt).
  • Brass body for durability and chemical resistance.
  • Small construction length and easily installed to your piping with the G4" threads.
  • Temperature range of 1-80°C.
  • Pressure up to 20 bar.
  • No risk of water hammer due to slow closing.


  • No automatic or remote control.
  • Not recommended to regulate flow rate.
  • It cannot be used for corrosive media, but can be used for a wide range of water and other neutral liquid media.
  • Requires multiple turns from open to closed, cannot be used for immediate closing.

GL2BM Series

The GL2BM series are reliable and durable manually operated gate valves meant for 100% on or off applications. They are often used for shut-off valves for water or other neutral liquid media. The valves have a brass housing, EPDM spindle seal, metallic slider seal, and a steel hand wheel to ensure they last for millions of cycles. Their available thread size is from G3/8" up to G6" with a diameter range of 13mm to143 mm. They are compact for for their diameter size, with a construction length between 33-113mm, (non-rising) height between 67-360 mm, and a handle diameter between 45-170 mm. Due to the materials, GL2BM gate valves withstand temperatures from 1°C to 80°C and a pressure of 10 bar or 20 bar depending on size. They require multiple turns to open/close, which helps prevent a water hammer.



  • Port
    4 inch
  • Seal
  • Housing
  • Function
    2 way
  • Min pres
  • Max pres
  • Orifice
  • Max temp
  • Series


Manual GL2BM (EN) pdf Download save_alt


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