Solenoid Valve PS 3/2 way NC Type C G1/4'' 1.5-8bar 230V AC

JP Fluid Control



3/2-way (normally closed) pneumatic solenoid valve with G1/4" ports (female thread) and 230V AC coil. The valve is mono-stable (spring return). Indirect operated (internally piloted). Applications include controlling a single-acting cylinder. Operaring pressure 1.5-8 bar. Medium air, not suitable for other media or vacuum. With manual override control. Can be mounted on manifold with central air supply/vent. Maximum 5 cycles/s, Kv-value 1.19 m3/h.

Including coil and DIN-B connector
  • Manual
  • CAD file
  • Safety Instructions

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High-quality pneumatic solenoid valve from JP Fluid Control. This valve is 3/2 way, normally closed and mono-stable (1 coil). The valve has G1/4" ports (BSPP thread). The coil voltage is 230V AC and the power is 5.5VA. The valve can only be operated with compressed air (filtered up to 40 μm) that may be lubricated or non-lubricated. Once started with lubrication, it is recommended to continue the use of lubrication. The operating pressure is 1.5 to 8 bar. Mounting on manifold with a central supply and vent possible.Up to 5 cycles/s, Kv value1.19(1283Nl/min). This valve is equipped with a manual override.

A 3/2 way valve has three ports and two states. This valve can be used for example to control a single acting cylinder. One port of the solenoid valve connects to the cylinder, this port is used for both filling and venting the cylinder. The valve therefore has one port for air supply (port P), one port to vent (port R), and one port for the connection with the cylinder (port A). The following figure shows a schematic representation of the circuit function of a normally closed 3/2-way solenoid valve.

schematical drawing of circuit function

Circuit function 3/2-weg (mono-stable) solenoid valve

Key benefits

  • Low flow resistance (Kv=1.19m3/h)
  • Fast and reliable operation
  • Long lifespan (12.000.000+ cycli)
  • Low energy consumption (5.5VA)
  • Maintenance free design
  • Coil can be installed in four directions (4 x 90°)
  • Designed for manifold mounting

Important notes

  • Only for (clean) air, not for other media or vacuum.
  • Minimal pressure of 1.5 bar required for proper operation (pilot operated valve).
  • Do not apply any voltage to the coil when the coil is removed from the valve in order to prevent burn-through.
  • Never exceed the valve limits (pressure, temperature, voltage, media, etc.).

Technical specifications

SeriesPS Type C (compatible with manifold PS Type C)
Circuit Function3/2 way Normally Closed
PortsG1/4" female thread (BSPP)
OperatingPilot operation (internally piloted)
Pressure1.5 - 8 bar (minimal pressure of 1.5 bar required)
StabilityMono-stable (1 coil)
Temperature-5 to 50°C
Manual overrideYes
Coil CodeCP2-230AC
Voltage230V AC (50/60Hz) ±10%
IP gradeIP-65 (IEC standard 60529)
Isolation classF (more info)
ConnectorDIN43650B (EN175301-803 style B)
MediumAir, 40mu filtered. Once started, lubrication must be continued.
Switch frequency5 cycles/s
Kv-value1.19m3/h (1283Nl/min) (more info)

Flow diagram

The graph shows the flow of air in l/min for different operating pressures and pressure differential over the valve. The higher the operating pressure and the pressure differential over the valve is, the larger the flow.

Flow diagram

Nominal flow rate (L/min) as function of inlet pressure and pressure loss.


Dimensions of type PS-32AS-C14-230AC

Dimensions of type PS-32AS-C14-230AC in mm.


This valve can be used with or without a manifold. The valve is compatible with manifold series PS-MAN-32C. Manifolds are available in different sizes and can connect up to 16 solenoid valves to a central supply and drain. As a result, the number of pipes and fittings can be strongly reduced.

In the box

  • Solenoid valve (type PS-32AS-C14)
  • Coil with DIN - B connector (type CP2-230AC)


CAD file
Function 3/2 way
Voltage 230V AC
Operation Indirect
Seal NBR
Port 1/4 inch
Min pres (bar) 1.5
Max pres (bar) 8
Mono/Bi-stable Mono-stable
Kv (m3/h) 1.19
State Normally closed
Housing Aluminium
Max temp (°C) 50
Power 5.5VA
Connector DIN - B
Series PS
Coil CP2

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