1/8'' NPT Brass 24VDC Proportional Oxygen Solenoid Valve 2871 236002

1/8'' NPT Brass 24VDC Proportional Oxygen Solenoid Valve 2871 236002

1/8'' NPT Brass 24VDC...
1/8'' NPT Brass 24VDC...
1/8'' NPT Brass 24VDC...
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1/8'' NPT Brass 24VDC...
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Bürkert 2/2-way solenoid valve (type 2871) with 1/8'' NPT threads and a 24V DC coil. Designed for proportional flow control. Normally closed (voltage = open) and direct operating, so no differential pressure required. For media with max 90°C at a differential pressure of 0-5 bar. Housing of brass with FKM sealing and a 1 mm orifice. The Kv-value is 0.027 m3/h (0.45 l/min at dp=1 bar water).

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Bürkert direct operating 2/2-way solenoid valve with 1/8'' NPT inner threads and 24V DC (direct current) coil. Designed for proportional flow control through a PWM signal. The duty cycle of the signal determines the coil current, which directly correlates to the plunger position. Optionally, the valve can also be driven with DC voltage. The valve has a brass housing with FKM sealing and an orifice size of 1 mm. The circuit function of the solenoid valve is normally closed, which means the valve opens when voltage is applied. Suitable for systems with a differential pressure of 0-5 bar and a maximum temperature of 90°C. The valve has a Kv-value of 0.027 m3/h, this translates to a flow rate of 0.45 l/min at the differential pressure of 1 bar (for water). The brass housing is durable, suitable for neutral fluids and resistant to many chemicals. The FKM (fluorine rubber or viton) sealing has excellent chemical properties, is suited for most oils and solvents but it cannot handle hot water or steam. Please note that the internal valve parts, such as the stainless steel plunger and springs, are also in contact with the medium and must be chemically compatible. Consult our chemical resistance chart to verify compatibility of housing and seals with the medium. The valve can be proportionally controlled by using a digital controller such as, for example, the Bürkert 8605 or 8611 types. Energy efficient design for a long product lifecycle. The valve has an IP65 rating if properly connected.

Important advantages

  • Energy-saving design which ensures a low heating of the medium and, in addition, a long service life
  • Good protection against the environment thanks to the IP65 rating
  • This valve is suitable for use with oxygen
  • Designed for accurate proportional control of small flow rates with excellent adjusment characteristic
  • Bürkert design: proven reliability & durability

2871 series

The Bürkert 2871 is a direct-operated plunger solenoid valve. It is primarily used for proportional control, i.e. for applications where continuous flow rate control is necessary. Depending on the model, the valve works from 0 to a maximum of 12 bar, has a 1/8" port size (BSP and NPT) and can also be mounted on a sub-base. The orifice sizes ranges from 0.05 to 2.0 mm. For larger flow rates type 2873 or 2875 provide a solution. The flow can be controlled using a digital controller (for example the Bürkert 8605 or 8611 types). Please note that the correct sizing of the valve (Kv) is critical in flow control setups. For advice on which valve to choose and if the 2871 valve is right for you, please read our article about proportional solenoid valves or contact our technical support.

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Manual Burkert 2871 (EN) pdf Download save_alt


  • Connection sizeinfo
    1/8 inch
  • Voltageinfo
    24 V DC
  • Materialinfo
  • Seal materialinfo
    FKM (FPM)
  • Operationinfo
  • Functioninfo
    Normally closed
  • Max pressure (bar)info
  • Degree of protection (IP)
  • Connection type
    Inner thread conical (NPT)
  • Features
    Energy efficient (under 9 VA)
    Proportional control
  • Min pressure difference (bar)info
  • Kv value (m3/h)info
  • Min temperature (°C)
  • Max temperature (°C)
  • Electrical connectioninfo
  • Valve bore (mm)
  • Duty cycle
  • Max. ambient temp. (°C)
  • Nominal power (VA)


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