Filter-Regulator 1/4'' NPT 800 l/min 1.5-15.0bar/22-218psi Manual Stainless Steel

Filter-Regulator 1/4'' NPT 800 l/min 1.5-15.0bar/22-218psi Manual Stainless Steel
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Reference: P27P7
Brand: Tameson

This 1/4 inch NPT high-quality pneumatic filter regulator (FR) removes moisture and contaminants over 50 microns and regulates the output pressure between 1.5 to 15.0 bar (22 to 218 psi). The regulator is self-relieving. The max flow rate is 800 l/min (always use the flow chart for correct sizing). The condensate drain is manual, requiring manual release of condensate.Suitable for a 30.0 bar (435 psi) max input and temperatures between -20 and 80 °C (-4 and 176 °F).

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This filter regulator (FR) combines two functions. The filter removes water, dirt and other harmful particles larger than 50 microns. The pressure regulator adjusts the pressure continuously to a stable level, even when the input pressure varies. The level can be adjusted between1.5 to 15.0 bar (22 to 218 psi). This model has 1/4 inch NPT ports. The maximum flow rate is 800 l/min. Please note that the maximum flow rate alone doesn't provide enough information to proper sizing. Use the flow curve to determine if the pressure drop (droop) within your expected flow rate range is acceptable. The flow curve shows the flow rate for a set input pressure with multiple output pressures. For each output pressure, it can be seen how the pressure changes with increasing flow rate. It is recommended to use the device in the flat range of the curve, and not on the beginning or the end of the curve. Note that the pressure regulator controls the output pressure, not the flow rate. The output pressure can be adjusted by pulling the hand wheel up and twisting.

The maximum input pressure is 30.0 bar (435 psi) and the temperature range is between -20 and 80 °C (-4 and 176 °F). It has a manual condensate drain. There is a built-in pressure relief valve on the outlet side when the set pressure is exceeded. The housing material is made out of stainless steel and the filter has a bowl made of 1.4401.

Mounting brackets need to be ordered separately.