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Directional Control Valves

Directional Control Valves

Directional valves manage fluid flow in a system. They are defined by their ports and positions and their methods of operation. Most control valves use a spool-type construction. The spool has several notches and slides through a valve body. As the spool shifts, the valve ports are connected or closed off.

Pneumatic directional control valves

Pneumatic directional control valves control compressed air flow in pneumatic systems. These valves control equipment such as cylinders, grippers and air-operated valves.

Hydraulic directional control valves

Hydraulic directional control valves manage the flow of hydraulic fluid in hydraulic systems. They are designed to withstand higher pressures and are used in heavy machinery, construction equipment and industrial applications. These valves direct hydraulic oil to actuators, motors and other component. Their rugged construction is suitable for demanding environments where durability and reliability are critical.