1200 l/m G1/4'' FRL 0.5-8.5bar - MACP300

Notice: This product is discontinued and replaced by MACP302-8A-G

1200 l/m G1/4'' FRL 0.5-8.5bar - MACP300
1200 l/m G1/4'' FRL 0.5-8.5bar - MACP300
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Reference: MACP300-8A-T8-G
Brand: Mindman

This G1/4" pneumatic FRL (Filter Regulator Lubricator) unit is used to filter out contaminants larger than 5 μm, regulate the output pressure between 0.5 - 8.5 bar, and lubricate the air with oil. Includes a pressure gauge. The max flow rate is 1200 l/min (always use the flow chart for correct sizing). The semi-auto drain valve will open every time the compressed air is shut off. Suitable for a 10 bar max input and temperatures between -5 and 60 °C. The min flow for oil drip is 50 l/min. The oil capacity is 55 cm3. To adjust the output pressure, pull the hand wheel up and twist. Lock by pushing the wheel back in. Includes mounting bracket.

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Notice: This product is discontinued and replaced by MACP302-8A-G

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This filter regulator lubricator (FRL) combines three functions. The filter removes water, dirt and other harmful particles larger than 5 μm for your air system. The pressure regulator adjusts the pressure continuously to a stable level, even when the input pressure varies. The level can be adjusted between 0.5 - 8.5 bar. The lubricator introduces oil into the pneumatic air to reduce internal friction for pneumatic components. Only use a lubricator if downstream equipment requires lubrication. The recommended lubricating oil type is ISO-VG32 turbine oil. Verify the type and quantity of oil needed for your component. This model has G 1/4" ports. The maximum flow rate is 1200 l/min. Please note that the maximum flow rate alone doesn’t provide enough information to properly size your filter regulator lubricator. Use the flow curve to determine if the pressure drop (droop) within your expected flow rate range is acceptable. The flow curve shows the flow rate for a set input pressure with multiple output pressures. For each output pressure, it can be seen how the pressure changes with increasing flow rate. It is recommended to use the device in the flat range of the curve, and not on the beginning or the end of the curve. Note that the pressure regulator controls the output pressure, not the flow rate. The output pressure can be adjusted by pulling the hand wheel up and twisting. The output pressure can be locked after adjustment by pushing the hand wheel back in. The max input pressure is 10 bar and the temperature range is between -5 and 60 °C. The filter is rated for 5 microns, meaning it will not allow contaminants larger than this through. To empty, it has a semi-auto condensate drain with a drain capacity of 30 cm3. The lubricator requires a minimal flow rate of 50 l/min and can hold 55 cm3 of oil. The housing material is made out of aluminium and the filter and lubricator bowls are made of Polycarbonate (PC). It has a position indicator to see the bowl level. It has a mounting bracket to mount it to a wall or your machine.


  • Combines three functions (filtering, regulating, lubricating) in one, compact device
  • It has a semi-auto condensate drain to reduce maintenance cost
  • It has a mounting bracket to mount it to a wall or your machine


  • It has a semi-auto condensate drain, which is suited for systems that are regularly depressurized. In some other cases, automatic condensate drains might be preferred
  • For some applications, it is not required to use all three functions (filtering, regulating, lubricating). Only select a lubricator when down-stream equipment requires lubrication

MACP300 series

Our range of high quality Mindman filters, regulators, and/or lubricators treat your pneumatic air to maintain proper air quality, reduce equipment down time, and reduce operating costs when installed correctly. The function can be derived from the series name. MAFR represent filter-regulators, MAF filters, MAR pressure regulators, MACP FRL units, and MAL lubricators. Higher numbers in the series (e.g. MAFR501) typically represent higher flow rates. They can be purchased individually, or as a combined it, such as an air filter regulator (FR) or an air filter regulator lubricator combo (FRL). Varying options of filter mesh sizes, operating pressure ranges, pressure adjustment ranges, flow rate, lockability, and drainage options are available. Mindman is a global leader in the pneumatics industry and manufacturers a wide range of high quality pneumatic products. They follow strict manufacturing standards (ISO 9001) and verify their end products with numerous testing and calibration steps to ensure they meet specifications. You can be assured of high quality, efficiency, life cycle and excellent cost to performance ratio for these air treatment units.