Solenoid Valve G1/2'' NC Brass FKM -1-0bar/-15-0psi 230VAC 6027 342063

Solenoid Valve G1/2'' NC Brass FKM -1-0bar/-15-0psi 230VAC 6027 342063
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Reference: 342063
Brand: Burkert

Burkert 2/2 way solenoid valve (type 6027) with G 1/2 inch threads and a 230 V AC coil. The circuit function of the solenoid valve is normally closed (voltage = open). The valve is direct operating, so no differential pressure required. Suitable for max media temperatures of 140 °C (284 °F) and a pressure range of -1 - 0 bar (-15 - 0 psi). Housing of brass with FKM sealing and a 8 mm orifice. The Kv-value is 1.6 m3/h (26.67 l/min at dp = 1 bar water).

Note: DIN connector not included.

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This is a Burkert direct operating 2/2 way solenoid valve with G 1/2 inch threads and a 230 V AC coil. The valve has a brass housing with FKM sealing and an orifice size of 8 mm. The circuit function of the solenoid valve is normally closed, which means the valve opens when voltage is applied. As it is direct operating, no pressure differential over the valve is needed to open the valve. Suitable for a pressure of -1 - 0 bar (-15 - 0 psi) and a maximum temperature of 140 °C (284 °F). The valve has a Kv-value of 1.6 m3/h, this translates to a flow rate of 27 l/min at a differential pressure of 1 bar (for water). In imperial units: Cv = 2, which means 2 GPM @ 1 psi pressure drop. For many applications it is enough to select a valve based on the thread size and orifice diameter. For more accurate sizing, use the Kv-value with our easy to use valve sizing calculator. The brass housing is durable, suitable for neutral fluids and resistant to many chemicals. The FKM (fluorine rubber or Viton) sealing has excellent chemical properties, is suited for most oils and solvents but it cannot handle hot water or steam. Please note that the internal valve parts, such as the stainless steel plunger and springs, are also in contact with the medium and must be chemically compatible. Consult our chemical resistance chart to verify compatibility of housing and seals with the medium. The valve has an IP65 rating if properly connected.


  • Good protection against the environment thanks to the IP65 rating
  • Solenoid valves open and close very fast compared to many other valve types


  • Solenoid valves are very sensitive to dirt and can only be used with clean liquids and gases
  • The coil may get hot when energized. A well ventilated environment is recommended


The Bürkert 6027 valve is a direct operated plunger solenoid valve. The valve requires no pressure difference for opening. Port connection sizes are available from 1/4 inch up to 1/2 inch. This durable valve is available with a wide range of options. The 6027 type has a range of high pressure versions, including a version up to 250 bar with ceramic sealings. There are versions for oil burners, gas appliances (EN 161) and explosive environments (ATEX). An optional sliding ring bearing increases the service life with dry gases. High pressure versions for liquids, low temperature versions (from -40°C), as well as explosion proof versions are available.

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