80-200mm Compact Cylinder with Double Rod Male Thread MCJI

80-200mm Compact Cylinder with Double Rod Male Thread MCJI
80-200mm Compact Cylinder with Double Rod Male Thread MCJI
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Reference: MCJI-21-80-200
Brand: Mindman

Double rod compact cylinder with a ø80 mm bore and 200 mm stroke. It requires an operating pressure between 0.5 - 10 bar (7 - 145 psi) to theoretically exert a max force in of 4536 N (1020 lbf) and max force out of 5027 N (1130 lbf). It has an end rod thread of M16x1.5 and piston with magnetic ring. Wide range of mounting accessories available. The cylinder has an aluminum housing and comes with NBR seals making it capable of operating within a temperature range of -5 to 60°C (23 to 140°F).

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This compact pneumatic cylinder from Mindman is double acting, meaning it requires air to extend and air to retract the rod. The pneumatic compact cylinders can be used in applications with limited space. This is a "double rod" model. This means that the cylinder has two opposing rods: as one rod extends, the other rod retracts. Double rod cylinders can be used to perform work on both sides or when it is advantageous to couple a load to each end. The bore size is 80 mm which makes it possible to have a maximum force in of 4536 N (1020 lbf) and a maximum force out of 5027 N (1130 lbf). It has a stroke length of 200 mm (the stroke length identifies how far the piston rod can travel). It has an operating pressure of 0.5 - 10 bar (7 - 145 psi) and is capable of movement speeds of 50 - 500 mm/s. The piston rod has a M16x1.5 male thread at the end. It has a magnet mounted in the piston. This allows precise position feedback of the rod location by mounting (one or more) magnetic sensors, such as reed or hall sensors, to the grooves on the valve body. Pneumatic hoses can be connected to both G 1/8" air ports and the cylinder can be mounted rigid or flexible with a wide range of mounting options. It has an NBR seal and an aluminum housing, making it durable and capable of operating within a temperature range of -5 to 60°C (23 to 140°F).


  • The cylinder has two opposing rods
  • It is compact, making it lightweight and space saving
  • It is double acting, allowing for full control of the rod
  • The grooved body allows for quick and easy sensor mounting


  • It doesn’t have adjustable cushioning, but they do have a rubber bumper for cushioning
  • Not able to be operated in freezing environments

MCJI series

The MCJI series adheres to ISO 21287, which is a compact metric series of single rod cylinders with bores of 20 to 100 mm. The MCJI can optionally be delivered with a double rod, which is not an ISO 21287 standard feature. A big advantage of this standard is that bores from 32 to 100 mm share the same end cover mountings as used by the larger ISO 15552 cylinders. For 20 and 25 mm bores, the ISO 21287 has its own end covers. Just as with the ISO 15552 cylinders, piston rod mountings can be used for the different bores in accordance with ISO 8139 and ISO 8140. The rod diameter has a range of 20-100 mm and a stroke length between 5-500 mm making it capable of a wide range of applications. Depending on the bore size, the maximum force is from 264 N (59 lbf) to 7854 N (1766 lbf). The piston is capable of movement speeds of 50-500 mm/s and the cylinder operates on a pressure range of 0.5-10 bar (7 - 145 psi). The piston rod can be equipped with male or female thread at the end. The piston features a magnetic strip that allows the detection of the rod position. Position sensors can easily be mounted in the grooved body. With an aluminum housing and an NBR seal, the cylinder is durable and capable of operating from -5 to 60° C. Mindman is a global leader in the pneumatics industry and manufacturers a wide range of high quality pneumatic products. They follow strict manufacturing standards (ISO 9001) and verify their end products with numerous testing and calibration steps to ensure they meet specifications. You can be assured of the high quality, efficiency, life cycle and cost to performance for these pneumatic cylinders.

The MCJI series is compatible with the following product series: Asco 449, Aventics CCI, Festo ADN, IMI Norgren RA, Parker P1P and the SMC C55 series.